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Crystal Cross Farms Presents:

Ride Group (every Wednesday) depending on weather

This is the time for all the performance riders to get some one on one time

with Dani Zimbelman and work on speed!

Start time: 630 PM     Cost: $25 per rider

For more information contact Dani.  Horse summer camp for all ages and levels of equine enthusiasts. Here is an opportunity to learn from several horse professionals from several equine disciplines.

What Will I Learn?

For beginners to intermediates, you will start with horse safety and basic equine knowledge:

  • Proper riding and handling attire
  • Safety around all kinds of horses
  • How to "read a horse"
  • Basic horse care (incl: grooming, feeding, hoof care, basic riding and horsemanship)
  • English vs Western
  • Proper Balance and handling
  • How to saddle, ride and care for a horse.
  • Learn about breeds, colors, and markings
  • Learn the parts of the saddle and all the horse gear
  • Basic vet care
  • Games to keep riding fun
  • Different disciplines available for horseback riding

For intermediates to advanced:

  • All the basics
  • Purchasing a horse (What fits you)
  • Riding with correct leads, useage of a horse, high-end maneuvers
  • Riding the horse not the tack
  • How to address issues
  • How to fix bad behaviors
  • Proper health and fitness of a horse
  • Vet care/ shots/ lameness/ foot care
  • Emergency care
  • How to make a horse more "broke", soft in hands, accomplish more than currently doing
  • Leg support (when and why)
  • To blanket or not to blanket
  • Purchasing Truck/Trailer
  •       Towing safety
  •       What to keep in the trailer
  •       Storate of Truck and Trailer
  • Mood swings, what causes a horse to quit "working" or enjoying his job
  • Warm-ups, stretches, cool down, workouts
  • Saddle/ leather types
  • Why certain pads work better with some horses and saddles
  • Saddle fit
  • Horse illnesses and diseases
  • Starting the young horse
  • Ground training & the importance of
  • Different climates & states
  • Feed and supplementation


For more information, or to reserve your spot, Please contact us.



After School Program

Back due to parent demand...

Is your child or someone you care for slow to follow directions? Defiant? Impulsive? Angry? Or just looking for positive direction?

  • Years of combining horse therapy with positive programs has proven to be effective in helping these individuals have a better, more positive life.
  • We offer an after school environment where school work comes first, followed by nutritional snacks, hands on learning of work ethics and finishing up with horse knowledge.
  • This program has worked well to keep children focused on the positive things in life, getting support from our staff, along with "earning" time to learn about equestrian and all there is to offer.
  • It's been proven, kids brought up with animals are more likely to succeed and less likely to go down the negative roads in life.
  • Horses are known for being therapeutic. We offer Therapeutic riding and grooming.
  • Horses absorb negative energy, making them great for kids and adults with neuro or behavioral issues.
  • Are staff are CPR certified and expereinced in working with and developing programs for neuro or behavioral kids and adults.

What can my family or child get from a horse program?

  • Sense of Pride
  • Accomplishment
  • Knowledge
  • Earn Scholarships
  • Trust
  • Indepenedence
  • Success
  • Courage
  • Work Ethick
  • Nutritional knowledge

Basic Knowledge:

  • Colors
  • Breeds
  • Bloodlines
  • Conformation
  • Habits (why and what to do)
  • Horse nutrition
  • Horse abilities
  • Horse history
  • Horse Safety (Horse and Rider)
  • Purchasing quality tack
  • Horse Care
  • What to do? Trail or Compete? Western or English?
  • Foot Care
  • Proper Riding Attire
  • Summer/Winter care
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite Control
  • Wound Treatment
  • Farrier Practice

Everyone is an individual. We specialize in bringing that "specialty" out!!